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Filename Railcraft_1.7.2-
Uploaded by Covert_Jaguar
Uploaded May 5, 2014
Game Version 1.7.2
Size 2.91 MB
Downloads 64,139
MD5 c1fc3f2fcade6596c16a75821d9ca11e
Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions


  • INFO: Updated to MC 1.7.2.
  • KNOWN ISSUES: Vanilla minecarts are not being replaced until the chunk reloads, Bore may not mine, some blocks harvest weirdly, and Gated Tracks don't connect to fences.
  • NEW: Added Trade Station. A block that can trade with Villagers.
  • NEW: If the Bore stops for any reason, it will now activate any attached Locomotives (must be in Run mode to work).
  • NEW: Using a Magnifying Glass on a structure will give you some information about why it won't form. Not sure how useful it is.
  • CHANGE: Lockdown, Holding, and Boarding Tracks merged into a single Locking Track. Change modes with a Crowbar. Legacy tracks should update automatically.
  • CHANGE: Master block of all MultiBlocks moved to the center of the structure if possible to make it possible to rotate them intact, may result in loss of items in the structure.
  • CONFIG: Anchor Fuel options expanded to support multiple items.
  • API: Added framework for creating alternative Locomotive skins.
  • API: Reduced the importance of TrackIds, they are now only used for legacy support and network sync. TrackTags strings are used for everything else, including serialization.


Requires Forge 1.7.2- or newer

World Updating from 1.6 worlds hasn't been extensively tested. I'm not aware of any reason it wouldn't work, but be sure to make backups and report any issues you encounter so they can be fixed.

Report bugs here: https://github.com/CovertJaguar/Railcraft-IssueTracker