Also try fancier Quit or Not!


Quit adds a confirm screen before quitting the level or the game.


2 extra keybindings are added as well:

Fast Quit("Q" by default) will allow quitting directly without the confirm screen when the key and the quit button are pressed;

Boss Key("B" by default) will directly quit the game when the key and the quit button are pressed.



  • You DEFINITELY CAN add the mod to your modpack;
  • The mod is tested as incompatible with BetterFPS in 1.7.10(When you click the window's close button, the game will crash)
  • The mod's mixinless version needs an extra dependency providing spongepowered mixin:
  • 1.12.2-mixinless needs MixinBootStrap;
  • 1.7.10-mixinless needs SpongeMixins.


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