Quick Consume 2

3,646 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 8, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2  

Quick Consume adds a slot to the right side of the hot-bar which can be accessed by shift right-clicking when holding food (only food). Stored food in the slot can be consumed by pressing the consume key (default: G).


Not much I can do in the form of pictures, so here's a video demo by MischiefOfMice:


This mod also features highly configurable auto-consumption of whatever is in the food slot. This allows users to insert food and forget about hunger in order to worry about more pressing matters, like fighting or building. By default, auto-consumption is only enabled when players are wearing a helmet with the "Auto Consume" enchantment. Every config value is detailed extensively within the actual file.


Planned Features (in order of importance):

  • Support for Tough As Nails
  • Support for Spice of Life (lunchbox support)
  • Cooldown (optional, affected by enchantment)
  • Progression (visit Nether for 1 slot, visit End for 2 slots, or enchantment)
  • Open to suggestions

 This mod is open source. Click for the source code!


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