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Filename Quark-r2.4-312.jar
Uploaded by Vazkii
Uploaded May 26, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5   +2
Size 6.20 MB
Downloads 1,055,219
MD5 877c0f82d8735fc5a62f558e77712d22
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Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.16 Versions


WARNING:  This version of Quark requires an update to AutoRegLib. Make sure you use the latest version of both.


- Added a lot of step-skipping stonecutter recipes for the various stone types (eg. granite to polished granite brick vertical slab)
- Added Blossom Hedges. (SwanX1)
- Added Celebratory Lamps, in Stone and Stone Brick variants, as a celebration of Vazkii's Mods' 10th Anniversary.
- Biome configs have been overhauled. Instead of Biome Categories or Biome Names, every biome config now allows a compound of Biome Types (from Forge's Biome Dictionary) and Biome Names, with mixed white and blacklisting. This allows much better configuration of where you want things to spawn. Note that due to this change, some features will now spawn in additional biomes compared to the previous version.
- Chorus Weeds and Twists are now pottable.
- Fixed a crash when a biome is incorrectly defined during worldgen.
- Fixed a crash when opening an invalid inventory for sorting.
- Fixed a threading issue that caused structure chests to sometimes swap loot with a nearby structure.
- Fixed being able to add items to shulker boxes not yet crafted.
- Fixed config menu checkboxes not showing up if you're not a patron. (I accidentally copied the patron checking code into it lol)
- Fixed Crimson and Warped posts having the wrong sound.
- Fixed Icy Blossom Trees being unable to generate due to not handling snow properly.
- Fixed items in pipes turning invisible if turning back on a full container.
- Fixed mod inventories that support more than 64 stack size not working properly with restocking. (P3pp3rF1y)
- Fixed Paper Walls being classified as "Walls", and causing crashes with mods that expect them to behave as such.
- Fixed Quark's named blocks not maintaining the name when broken.
- Fixed ropes being able to interact with crying obsidian and respawn anchors.
- Fixed ropes ignoring block state data such as fence connections.
- Fixed ropes not handling waterlogging properly.
- Fixed shift-clicking armor in a backpack not equipping it.
- Fixed Stools displaying in building blocks instead of decoration blocks in creative. (SwanX1)
- Fixed the food tooltip causing anything drawn after it to not draw properly.
- Fixed the infinity water bucket dupe bug once again. The way I did it should also fix a potential loss bug too.
- Fixed turning off Right Click Armor in a server not disabling it if clients have it enabled.
- Glowshrooms can now exist in all blocks normal mushrooms can, they still only grow in Glowcelium.
- Improved the enchantment influencing API (LogicTechCorp)
- Leaf Carpets now have a flat model (bageldotjpg)
- Ropes no longer have a collision box, and can be climbed like nether vines.
- Runes can now be used to recolor Lodestone Compasses.
- Several item names have been updated to match vanilla better (bageldotjpg)
- Tallow now has honeycomb sounds.
- The Crate feature in Oddities is now enabled by default.
- The default chest structure replacement config now has additional mod structure support (BugmanBugman)
- The search parameters for Pathfinder Maps are now configurable.

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