Pyrotastic 🎆

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Pyrotastic is a mod intended to expand the functions of fireworks and give the player more options for how they can be used.

The mod is a HEAVY WIP, and a Forge version is planned



Fireworks Crate

Fireworks crates are place-able blocks with inventories. They will preserve their inventories when broken; however, they can only hold fireworks and TNT. When placed and then lit, they will fire 3-5 of the items of their inventory at a time until they are empty. You can craft a fireworks crate with a wooden slab, gunpowder, and planks arranged in a vertical fashion

Fireworks Crates at a village well

Firework Rocket Changes

Firework Rockets will now change their sprites depending on the dyes used to craft it, similar to a firework star. Fireworks crafted without a pattern will still be the classic red and white. Fireworks also now have an actual model instead of reusing the item sprite (all fireworks will have a red and white texture until I figure out how to make non-living entities change colors).

Different firework colorsIn-game model for firework rockets

 Firework Schematics

Firework Schematics are reusable crafting ingredients used to make Firework Stars. They can be made by crafting a piece of paper with the ingredients you'd usually use for a firework star except the dyes.



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