PvP Utilities

Make PvP fair!

(At least a bit more =P)


This is a server side mod, adding lots of useful utilities for Minecraft PvP, be it modded or Vanilla-style.
It was originally made for a private PvP project using FTB Trident and it's my first mod.

I'm doing this in my spare time and am still learning how to even code Java, so don't expect updates often.
This mod is and will only be available for Forge.


(All modules can be turned off in the config)
  • Limited amount of lives with configurable withdrawal reason (e.g. only if killed by player)
  • Limited amount of playtime
  • Configurable maximum XP-level
    (To nerf Last Stand enchantment)
  • Extensive command logging
    (So the server owner can check which commands admins used)
  • (Still buggy) autoclicker denial
    (Because before the dreaded combat update, he who clicks the fastest wins the fight)