Puzzle Code (Puzzle Jump)

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 The Super Update

Puzzle Jump is a mod that adds a lot of redstone components and blocks with different functionality especially for creating mini-game maps.

Warning! The Puzzle Jump can't be updated to Puzzle Code. 

mod contains

  • Effect Blocks & Items (give the player an effect)
  • Time Blocks (change time)
  • Teleporter Blocks (teleport player in a specific position)
  • Swiching Blocks (Is swiching on and off and have different purposes)
  • Entity Control Blocks (control inventory HP, hunger etc)
  • Redstone components
  • World edit blocks (blocks that place other blocks ore move; that interact with the world)
  • Blocky Dimension
  • Survival recipes (beta)
  • Creative Tools (help with creating the map)
  • and many more...


!Warning! is not specially made for survival but have support (beta)


Puzzle Jump Wiki

Available on MCreator

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