Warning: Psi Requires Patchouli for 1.16.5 and more recent versions. Older versions require AutoRegLib

Psi is a magical tech spell programming mod inspired by Mahouka Kokou no Rettousei. Don't worry if that doesn't make any sense.

The core of Psi is a system where you can create action sequences ("Spells") to be executed in the world. This system is followed by a leveling system containing ingame documentation and tutorials of the various concepts and pieces you'll get. The mod makes use of basic mathematical concepts, such as Vectors in its systems, which allows for great flexibility on what spells can do.

Psi spells can be shared and copied to and from outside sources, using ingame sharing tools. The main repository for user made psi spells is the Psi Spell Compendium on reddit.


  • Is very flexible on what it allows you to do;
  • Encourages creativity and problem solving;
  • Ties in the reward to the creation process;
  • Can do some pretty cool stuff.

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