Psi: Combat Magic

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Warning: This project is experimental. Its files will not synchronize across the CurseForge network.

This is an addon for Psi which adds many new tricks, focusing on interesting damage spells. Sorry for the very long delay from the first update, I haven't had the time to work on this. I've spent a lot of time making sure this version actually works. 


However, it's still an early version, so make sure you either back up your worlds, or just make a new world to test it out. I've mainly been testing this using creative, so the psi costs may be a little bit off, but let me know what you think. I've got more ideas to add more stuff, to balance and possibly make PvP with Psi viable, but this is a somewhat stable version to test and experiment with the mod.


I've added descriptions for each of the spells in Psi's in game documentation, but I'll outline the features of this mod below.

Movement Addons

  • Gravity Control: Set gravity to a percentage of itself on a single target for a set time
  • Grapple Entity to Position: Basically a magical hook
  • Negate Fall Damage: The first trick I made. Pretty self-explanatory
  • Set Entity Look
  • Tether Entity to Entity and Tether Entity to Position: Like a lead, but magic

Magical Attacks

  • Elements:
    • Air: Don't do damage, but push enemies away, use less psi
    • Earth: Need to be used on the ground; damage, push back and concuss enemies, use less psi
    • Fire: Do damage and set enemies on fire
    • Ice: Do damage and add slowness effects
    • Lightning: Do damage and add lingering electricity damage
    • Magic: Pure damage, use more psi
    • Water: Damage and push back enemies; need a water source (snow, plants, etc. included), use less psi
  • Types of attacks:
    • Blast: a cone which affects entities caught in it
    • Projectile
    • Area of effect: affects all enemies in the radius
    • Wall: Creates a wall which have different effects depending on the element
      • Wall requires a parameter called "Wall dims". Use "Constant: Wall Param Wrapper" for this.
  • Special Attacks:
    • Mist dispersion and rupture, from the anime the original mod was inspired by
    • Reflection: Reflects all attacks and projectiles
    • Plasma formation


Psimetal Bow

  • Works like other Psimetal tools.
  • Has 8 slots.
  • Can equip regular spell bullets or projectile spell bullets
  • Casts once bow is released
  • "Operator: Get Bow Charge" returns the percentage the bow is charged between 0.0 and 1.0

Misc Addons

  • Default Vector: Takes two inputs, if the first input vector is null, will return the second input vector.
  • Detect Entities: Takes a list of entities and adds a spectral arrow effect to each. Only shows effect client side.
  • Entity Raycast: Works exactly like vector raycast, except it will return once it finds an entity, and is not stopped by blocks. Can be used to select entities through walls and in conjunction with detect entities.
  • Break loopcast: Works like "Trick: Die" - stops the player loopcasting if the input is within 0 and 1
  • Furthest from point: Opposite of closest to poing
  • List length: Returns number of elements in a list
  • Selector: Nearby All: Gets all entities in a radius



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