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Protect It


Protect It is a tiny, "land ownership" mod used to protect specified areas.


To claim a land area, you need to place a **claim stake** block. This will highlight the area that will be claimed. Then you can use (right-click) the block to change the claim to your property. The claim stake block will be removed from the world. There are 4 claim stake blocks - 3 of different area sizes, and 1 for removing claims. Note that the claim size on the y-axis stretches in both directions from the position the of the stake.

ex. Stake pos = (0, 0, 0), the size area will be from (0, -8, 0) to (8, 8, 8).


Yellow = Small Claim Stake. Size = 8x16x8

Cyan = Medium Claim Stake. Size = 16x32x16

Green = Large Claim Stake. Size = 32x64x32

Black = Remove Claim Stake.

Figure 1. Small Claim boundaries around house.


(better documentation coming...)


/protect [block | pvp] [list | rename | whitelist | give]

/protect-ops [block | pvp] [add | remove | list | clear] [pos | uuid- used by system ops only

ex. /protect block add 0 63 0 10 63 10 : area is protected against all players.

ex. /protect block add 0 63 0 10 63 10 @gottsch : area is owned by gottsch, protected against all other players.

ex. /protect block remove [uuid] : remove all protections owned by the uuid

ex. /protect block remove 0 63 0 10 63 10 : remove all protections that intersects with the area.

Q: Why does add use player entity and remove uses player uuid?

A: Because adding involves selecting a player that is currently in game. The name and uuid is stored. Removing does not require the player to be in game. Ex. a player quits and you need to free up those areas. Also, names can change over time so using the uuid is required.


You can add a separate whitelist of players for each of your properties. Whitelisted players can access the owner's property just as the owner would.

Protects against:

block break

block place / multi-block place

block tool interaction

player interaction

living destroy block


and piston movement

Upcoming Changes

  • "Hoteling" - hoteling adds the ability of nested properties. Ex. Player A has a 100x100 block property. Player A can setup a 25x25 block property inside the 100x100 property and allow Player B to "own" it. Player B can build, change, mine, etc within that 25x25 property. Player A still retains overall ownership of both properties.