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This mod provides items and world decorations that makes it possible to find ore and mineral deposits in the Minecraft world. It does this in an immersive way, providing flowers to mark large deposits and prospecting tools that may reveal what is in the ground beneath your feet.


Due to the mod's nature, it's not particularly useful with vanilla ore generation. Because ore is normally distributed, you'll likely just turn up iron nuggets most of the time, occasionally gold nuggets. Therefore, the mod is designed for and intended to be used with mods or mod packs that generate ore in large, spare clusters.


This mod was originally called "Prospecting" by Azathoth ( They released the code to the Public Domain and indicated on Curseforge that they were not intending to move from 1.7.10. Accordingly, I took the code and ported it (and rewrote large swaths of it) to learn how to mod. I have maintained the original commits logs in this repo as acknowledgement of their work. Furthermore, this code remains licensed to the Public Domain. Thank you, Azathoth!


In addition, the original mod was heavily influenced by Draco18s' Reasonable Realism series of mods, especially Ore Flowers ( The textures from that mod are used in Prospects, with permission. If you're looking for even more realistic, all in one ore generation+flowers, give it a try!



* A forward port (and partial rewrite) of "Prospecting" by Azaroth, with permission.

* Flower textures by Draco18s, with permission.

* Project icon "Mining" by Yu luck from the Noun Project


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