Project Superhuman

958,312 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 29, 2017 Game Version: 1.7.10

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Two worlds face threats unlike anything they have ever known. Mysterious portals, connecting these two worlds, have begun to appear without warning. The heroes of these worlds quickly discover that new battles are best fought with new friends.

Project Superhuman is a Minecraft superhero mod that aims to raise the bar. Featuring a cast of 100 characters, spanning both the DC and Marvel comic universes, Project Superhuman will be the biggest mod of its kind. But Project Superhuman also aims to further redefine what a superhero mod is by adding a vast quantity of RPG-like elements. Getting your favorite character is just the beginning.

In addition to the many unique gameplay opportunities offered by Project Superhuman, the mod differentiates itself further through an unfolding story where the DC and Marvel universes are thrust together by an unknown force.


As Project Superhuman gets closer to completion it has entered a closed beta period available exclusively to Patreon supporters. Of course, when the mod is ready it will be available to everyone. If you would like to support the mod on Patreon click here. Alternatively, you can download the most recent public beta here on CurseForge.



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