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Jan 8, 2015

Owner: DarKnighT_0_9

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Beta 4

Welcome to Project Superhuman; a new kind of superhero mod. Project Superhuman grants players the abilities of their favorite comic characters through the use of special suits. Unlike other superhero mods the suits in Project Superhuman aren't crafted; instead players are rewarded with Points for killing hostile mobs. Mobs drop more Points if they have higher health. These Points can then be used to "purchase" (no real money required obviously) the suits in-game through the HeroSuits Catalog (accessed by pressed 'C' by default). When a player first gets a suit it will have a Rank of 0 and not all of the abilities will be available. Ranking up suits again requires the player to kill hostile mobs. Just like with Points, the stronger the mobs is the more experience the player's suit will get from killing the mob. As suits gain Rank they become stronger and new abilities are unlocked.
There are currently 32 characters available in Project Superhuman. As this is still a beta, there are still a number of character who don't do anything. However, with each new beta version you can expect advances for most characters. All characters (with the exception of 2 or 3) have been completely designed on paper and it is just a matter of implementation (I'm the only person working on this mod so it takes me a little longer than others). What works on paper doesn't always work in practice though so expect things to change for most (if not all) characters.
In addition to Point and Suits, Project Superhuman also has a variety of other loot items. The most important of these are Blind Bags. Blind Bags are a rare drop that, when opened, will give the player a new suit. Opening a Blind Bag creates an entity in the world that cycles through the available suits for a few seconds before landing on one (like a slot machine). If you want to skip this you can sneak while opening the bag. Duplicate suits are almost guaranteed but fear not, right-clicking with a duplicate suit while wearing another suit of the same character will add 100 experience to the worn suit.

The future of Project Superhuman is also looking bright with more features in the works including:

  • Pets
  • Expanded Village Structures
  • Dungeons
  • And of Course More Characters!

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