Project BlackBlock

647 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 4, 2011 Game Version: Beta 1.8.1

BlackBlock is a mod, that creates new ores, generating about 3 levels above bedrock. The ores are relative small, and hard to get, and the blocks, are black, with red cross. BlackBlock, is a plugin providing better tools, with up to 10 000 uses, and as effective as superpick on the world edit plugin! The people so want better than diamond, but dont want the world edit... I bring you: BlackBlock.

You make them the same way as normal tools, harvesting the blackblock will give you an item called "Black Stuff". These can be used to create your weapons and tools.

Note that this is my first ever mod!

Requires modloader


  • Armours
  • Use blaze Rods instead of sticks (for 1.9)

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please use the forum!


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