Progressive Transmutation

687 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 11, 2015 Game Version: 1.7.10

Transmutate blocks and items in the game using a Magical Stone crafted using magical shards, obtained from killing Lost Souls as a rare drop. The stone can also be crafted from a Nether star, 4 Ghast Tears and 4 snowballs. The Magical Stone Recipes are shapeless. They are: 1x Magical stone and 3x Log to get an Obsidian block. 1x Magical stone and 3x Obsidian to get an iron ingot. 1x Magical stone and 3x iron ingot to get a gold ingot. 1x Magical stone and 3x gold ingot to get a Diamond. 1x Magical stone and 3x Diamond to get an emerald. These Recipes also go back down (1x Magical stone and an emerald to get 3 diamond...). The stone also works with logs to cycle through each type. It goes in the order: Oak>Birch>Spruce>Jungle>Acacia>Dark Oak>Back to Oak.


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