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What's in the Mod Now.



Ever wanted the power to split light? If i ever code this mod you will be able to it.


update 1/16/21 (5.5 years later) finally gonna learn the TE and library method of coding and when i do i will revisit this mod and begin to make it come to life.


TODO (roadmap):

  • Add facings to the refraction mirror.
  • Add Refraction Mirror that can be attached to ceilings
  • Ensure that all objects in mod will pop off if the block to which  they are attached is removed.
  • Add Prismatic Furnace
  • Add light beam
  • It will be a tech mod.
  • It will also be a fantasy mod.
  • It will contain a dimension with various methods to get to and from that dimension.
  • The dimension will contain material needed to progress further in the mod.
  • It will have unique creatures befitting that dimension.
  • The technology part of the mod will be developed first.
  • It will feature a unique mining system
  • and machines to process ores.
  • It will have a unique power system.
  • The power system will eventually be compatible with all of the existing power systems available.
  • I am open to suggestions, so when you see this and it makes you think of stuff, let me know, I'll add it to the list of TODO and when that item gets created you'll get some credit for being the originator of the idea. 



Mod Pack Restrictions & Requirements:

There are no restrictions, you may include this mod in our pack without asking for permission. There is a requirement; I ask that you link the mod back to my installation at

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