Primordial Crops

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Uploaded Dec 7, 2016
Game Version 1.11
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V1.7b Changelog

* Fixed Osmium Ingot not being Ore Dictorary compatible.

* Changed Obsidian seed recipe to require Imperio Essence/T3 infusion stone
   (prevoiusly Zivicio Essence/T4 infusion stone)

* Added craftable Accio/Crucio/Imperio and Zivicio ingots

* Essence versions of vanilla tools are now in the mod. Some things to note:
 - All tiers have minimum 1500 uses, durability/speed goes up the higher the tier.
 - All tiers are gold level of enchantability
 - Zivicio Level Tools/Swords are unbreakable
 - Textures are not final and may be reworked later on.

* EnderIO Farming Station Users
   IMPORTANT: The EnderIO Farming station uses a whitelist of what hoe's it can use,
  you will have to add the essence hoes to the EnderIO config for them to work

 Open config/enderio/EnderIO.cfg in a text editor and find the key S:farmHoes
 edit the key to look like the following.


 S:farmHoes <


Save the config file and re-run client/server and you should be able to use them.

(There is no other short term workaround i can see, i will be contacting the EnderIO
 devs to see if i can get the hoe's added to their default whitelist)

* Swords textures redone and can now be crafted.
   NOTE: If swords are not visible ingame, check if they are enabled in config file
   or that the modpack your using has them disabled by default.
   - Textures are not final and may be reworked later on.