Primordial Crops

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V1.6c Changelog

Added Config file support. (3000% more painful than i first thought)


NOTE: recipes for disabled crops are not registered, ANY recipe that relies
on a crops essence will become unavailable (one exception detailed below).


NOTE 2: Some recipes have alternate's, if certain essences are not available,
they are replaced with vanilla items, this is off by default, enable
it from config. (Use this with caution as it can break mod progression!!!)


Due to the fact every crop is now toggleable,some hard coded safeguards have been

put in place to preserve mod progression. e.g. if none of the essences are available for

for crafting a certain tier infusion stone, an alternate recipe using a vanilla item is used

instead. (i don't want people complaining the mod is broken because somebody

changed the config and didn't check if it messed things up!)


I have tested the config options to the best of my ability with the time i have,

but the different combinations are huge in number. if you don't see a recipe, there is

a good chance a disabled crop/essence was used in its crafting.


The new config options are:-

- You can now disable any crop you choose.
- Special crops now have a Hard and Easy recipe (default to hard recipes)
- Weapons can now be disabled (on by default)
- Minico seed drops from breaking grass is toggleable (on by default)
- % Chance of extra seed on harvest of regular crop can now be 0% - 100% (default 20%)
- % Chance of extra seed on harvest of special crop can now be 0% - 100% (default 3%)
- Harvest On Right click ( toggleable, off by default, ignored if Pam's HarvestCraft installed)
- Infusion stones can now have durability ( off by default )
- Max uses of Infusion stone with durability can be changed (0 - 1000 uses, 100 by default)