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Uploaded Dec 16, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2
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Primitive Mobs v1.2 alpha Release Changelog:


- Primitive Mobs 1.2 now has the Multi Mob Library as dependency (once uploaded):
- Spawning system has been redone and allows for way more freedom through the config in the multimob folder or through in-game config

- New Mobs: Harpy, Goblin, Void Eye, Flame Spewer, Sheepman

- New Items: Goblin Mace, Spider Egg, Spider Egg shell, Wonder Sap and Mystery Eggs.

- Color changing code fixes (for Chameleon, Treasure Slime and Camouflage Armor); 
o Fixed that it would sometimes crash when trying to get a color from a modded block
o Fixed that it would not change to the correct color of blocks with multiple sides


- New translations: ja_jp, zn_tw, zn_cn, tr_tr (although now outdated due to new content)

- Fixed crash with Player's Choice mod

- Fixed a client crash when summoning a GroveSprite on a server

- Removed experimental summoning features which fixes a bunch of issues

- Additional config options: Haunted Tool full durability drop toggle, Adjustable Lost Miner loot, Ability to add additional vanilla spawns


Mob Specific
- Chameleon
o New taming code which means Chameleons in saves need to be tamed again


- Treasure Slime
o Fixed an exploit which allowed you to duplicate items
o Rebalanced their loottable
o Made them spawn less frequently


- Bewitched Tome
o They now only drop an enchanted book 50% of the time; otherwise it drops a normal book instead


- Haunted Tool
o Now drop damaged versions of their tool with semi-random durability left; the amount of durability on the dropped tool can be increased with a Looting weapon; this can be switched back to full durability in the config


- Lost Miner
o Removed the iron pickaxe to emerald trade for balance reasons
o Made them spawn less frequently

o Fixed that they would despawn even after being saved


- Traveling Merchant
o Made them spawn way less frequently

o Fixed that they would despawn even when given an emerald block

o Their trades should now be configurable with Villager-trade adjusting mods


- Rocket Creeper
o Redid their attack behavior; they now wait a second before jumping and will not jump if you are too far away, this gives you some time to hit them.
o They now make a fire work launch sound when jumping
o Fixed a crash when exploding on Biomes O Plenty grass types


- Festive Creeper
o Made their small TNT a bit stronger
o Increased their speed
o Fixed that they would launch tnt even when very far away
o Fixed that they would not jump while backing off


- Lily Lurker
o Fixed that they would sufficate in soul sand (or bop mud) when on top of it in water


- Brain Slime
o Redid the code for attaching to players and mobs; hopefully this fixes the invisible slime issues
o They no longer attack animals for now; to prevent issues when unloading while stuck to an animal
o Slightly reduced their damage output


- Spider Family
o Fixed that the baby spiders riding the mother spider would sufficate when the mother climbed towards a ceiling

o Mother Spider now becomes enraged when one of their babies is hurt; which makes her do more damage

o Baby Spider is tameable and rideable again like in previous versions; must get it through a Spider Egg


- Trollager
o Fixed error spam caused by explosion particles

o Fixed issues spawning when set to only underground

o Can now spawn with a Goblin riding it. 5% chance.

o Generally buffed; more health, more melee damage and knockback resistance; increasing the feeling of danger I want to simulate


- Blazing Juggernaut

o Now appear unlit like normal Blazes


- Grove Sprite

o They now drop Wonder Sap. The type of sap corresponds to the related tree/logs. 

o Fixed that the hitbox was way too big

o Giving them their corresponding sapling will prevent the Grove Sprite from despawning

o Giving them their corresponding sapling allows them to store it

o They will randomly plant their saplings if possible (on a cooldown)

o They will try to make their corresponding sapling grow to a tree, if one is planted close (on a cooldown)

o Using bonemeal on them will convert one of their saplings into a small amount of Wonder Sap.

o Setting a Grove Sprite on fire will turn them into a hostile Cinder Sprite


- Mimic

o Significantly increased their health, armor and damage output so they are a threat now

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