Primitive Crafting


Primitive Crafting adds a new way of crafting items directly in your inventory.

By default, you can only craft items that consist of only two crafting components, like torches or sticks.

However, there is also a config option that enables crafting with all recipes that have at most two different components.


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To start crafting, pick up a stack and hover over another stack in your inventory, then press shift.

If you want to craft, left click.


You can also craft the entire stack at once. To do that, also hold space while holding shift, then left click.


Sometimes, a recipe can have more than one output.

One such example is the recipe for sticks and wooden pressure plates.

To select the recipe that you want, hold left alt (LMENU) to bring up the radial menu.

Then just drag your mouse to the recipe you want to select and let go of left alt. Then, click on the stack to craft.


If you enable the config option "recipesWithMultipleIngredients", you will be able to craft items

that need more than two ingredients, as long as there are at most two different ingredients in the recipe.


All Keybinds can be rebound.


Primitive Crafting becomes especially useful when crafting items with ingredients that don't stack.

This video clearly illustrates the speed of Primitive Crafting:



In the config, recipe registration can be enabled and disabled. You can also add (or remove) recipes using CraftTweaker.

If you're making a modpack, you can also disable the inventory crafting grid in the config.

 The inventory crafting grid can be enabled again in the config or using Gamestages.


If you encounter any issues, please report them on Github!



If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them on Github or in the comments!