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Primal Magick is a magick-themed mod for Minecraft 1.20.1.  Research new items, cast spells, and attune yourself to the wonders of magick!  To get started, simply go exploring and check out any ancient shrines you happen to find along the way.  Everything else you need to progress is taught to you in the course of play, no external wikis needed!  Please report any bugs you find on the mod's issue tracker on GitHub.



Below are a small sampling of the things you can expect to discover in Primal Magick.  Don't worry, there will be plenty more for you to discover on your own!


New Items and Spells!

Some useful arcane workstationsAttacking a treefolk with ball lightning

With hundreds of new recipes to discover, the pursuit of arcane knowledge represents a long but rewarding path.  From creating a humble Arcane Workbench to striking down your foes with mystical lightning bolts and more, Primal Magick features plenty to keep you entertained.


Arcane Research!

The main index of the GrimoireAn arcane research project

Get ready to learn!  Between studying your Grimoire, conducting research projects, and seeking out the far-flung mysteries of the Ancients, you'll have a long road ahead of you if you want to become a true archmage.


Mystical Disciplines!

Runescribing an enchantment onto an iron chestplateConducting an arcane ritual

With several magical disciplines to study, there's no one true path to arcane knowledge and power.  Take your studies from the fundamentals of manaweaving to conducting the most dangerous of rituals.  But will you stay true to your principles as your studies progress, or will you succumb to the temptations of darker powers?


Getting Started

An ancient shrineTransforming a bookshelf into a mystical Grimoire

Even the most accomplished mage has to start somewhere.  In Primal Magick, that "somewhere" is in the heart of an ancient marble shrine, many of which you can find scattered about the Overworld.  Step inside and approach the mysterious device at its center to get your first taste of magick, then get some rest and see if inspiration strikes.  Those with potential will find themselves having strange dreams.  After waking, combine a stick with the magic dust that permeates the ground beneath the shrines to make your first wand, then wave it at a bookshelf!



Discord: https://discord.gg/VYqn7wGKaS