pride (fabric)

347 Downloads Last Updated: May 13, 2019 Game Version: 1.14



 server-side mod for creating & tracking waypoints




  Play on Minecraft 1.14 & 1.14.1


Pride is a server-side mod for creating & tracking waypoints. Built with Fabric to have zero dependencies, Pride helps everyone enjoy the vanilla multiplayer or singleplayer experience more! Freely explore and save every place you encounter. Use the /compass or /appear command to quickly revisit everything in your world. All areas are stored within the world save folder, making it easy to backup or restore. Although simple in its design, Pride aims to be really useful and offer a nice supplement to the built-in navigation features of the latest version of Minecraft.


How to Play

/pride -- List Pride commands
/settle <area_name> -- Create a new area
/abandon <area_name> -- Remove an existing area
/compass <area_name> -- Point compass towards an area
/nearby -- List nearby areas
/nearbypage <page_number> -- List nearby areas by page
/areas <page_number> -- List areas alphabetically
/far <area_name> -- Check your distance from an area
/here -- List the areas at your location
/between <area_name>, <area_name> -- Distance between 2 areas
/north -- Point compass north from your position
/appear <area_name> -- Teleport to area
/suppress -- Stop getting Pride messages



(c) 2019 Julian (insanj) Weiss & Anna Raykovska. Made with 💚 in Brooklyn.



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