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This mod replaces all vanilla ores (and soon most mod ores) with pretty nice versions of them.

Those ores have some special properties:

  • They destroy the whole vein at once! No need to dig out a cave just to get the whole vein, these ores come to YOU!
  • They are harder to break, they take considerably longer to mine.
  • Shiny ores actually shine! (Diamond and Emerald only)

Remember to create a new world or else it won't work!


For Minecraft 1.9: Files

For Minecraft 1.9.4: Files

For Minecraft 1.10.2: Files


If you have a feature request or find a bug: Go here and tell me


Mod pack creators/authors: You are free to use this mod in any of your mod packs but please tell me when you do so.



This mod requires Java 8!











Uses new algorithm for determining how much damage is dealt to a tool.

Fix tool break glitch leading to a stack of size 0


 Additional information:

Makes use of Apache's Common Math library.

Final version for 1.9.4 (unless major bugs occur)






Use the correct recipe for converting nice ores to the base ores


New features:

Added a configuration entry, you can now disable individual blocks

Convert nice ores to normal ores by placing them in a crafting table


 Additional information:

If you have any feedback about this mod, please leave a comment

If you have any issue with the mod or miss a feature, press the Issues link on top of the site.





Fixed a bug with the Substratum mod


New features:

Another speed-up for the world generator





Fixed the world generation bug at chunk borders.

Fixed crashes due to missing ore dictionary entries.


New features:

Added a creative tab just for all those nice ores!


Additional info:

Ascended the 1.10.2 version into the realm of releases.





Completely rewritten the generator, ore generation is now lightning fast!


New features:

Added all BaseMetals ores except for the ones generating in the Nether and the End, they are so strong, not even I can get them to be nice.


Additional info:

This will be the final version for Minecraft 1.9.

The 1.10.2 version is still in Alpha and has some bugs (probably due to Forge)




New features:

Implement nice versions of Silver, Tin and Lead.



Fix balancing for some ores.

Performance improvements.




New features:

Implement a version checker for automatic update notifications.



Fixed a bug where you needed a diamond pickaxe to break diamond ore.




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  1.9 1.9.4  


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