Pretty, Game-Enhhancing Gobblet (PGEG)

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IMPORTANT: The newest release of the mod (0.2.4) does use a newer version of the RIFT Modloader (rift 1.0.4-86 which can be found on their Github page under releases).


Some of the textures are taken from the Itembound resource pack, check it out, hope it's gonna get ported soon ^^

PGEG (originally from a german abbrevation, made SFW by using completely different words in english) is aimed to be a vanilla-feel magic mod for Minecraft 1.13 and upwards using the RIFT Modloader. A lot of stuff has been impemented in the newest version, but there is more to come, so be prepared.



as of version 0.2.0



Mana System

A Vanila-Like Mana System has been implemented. A Mana Bar is shown above the Health Bar (after you craft your first item with a wand) and Mana can be regenerated by eating Mana Cake or it regenerates slowly over time too. Mana Potions are a planned feature too.


Wand Crafting

Wand Crafting is done by right-clicking Blocks with a Wand of the needed Level and spending a certain amount of Mana to get the result. The first thing you should wanna craft is a Compendium, from a bookcase ;)


Basic Wand recipe:


Cauldron Brewing

Cauldron Brewing is done by using a Brewing Cauldron (wand-crafted from a vanilla cauldron), heating it up from underneath and putting the needed ingredients into the cauldron and stirring everything with a wand (some recipes need certain level wands).




With the help of the Rune Lexicon Runes can be placed into the world to help you with different tasks, for example growing plants, harvesting, or pulling items.




Magic Flowers can be wand-crafted from certain flowers in flower pots and posess special abilities, for example a bloodrose can heal players nearby.


From left to right: Snowbell, Glowshroom, Bloodrose.


DISCLAIMER: The Flowers are not yet all implemented, sorry for all you flower children ^^*

Crops and Food

Two new Crops and some food Items havve been added to the game to give you more choice over your eating and cooking habits.






New Materials

The Mod also adds some new Materials  to give more variety on Tools and Weapons.


Materials added:

Brimstone, Meteorite, Mithril, Saturnium, Orichalcum





There are some new enchantments too, namely


  • Vampirism (yummy, red juice)

  • Poisonous

  • Radnomness (Teleports hit entitiy randomly)

  • Curse of Pain (inflicts pain on the user)

  • Beheading (hightens chance of getting a mob head)

  • Expansion (expands the mining area of a tool)



You can actually customize stuff in this mod via datapacks, you can change Levels of wands, give certain items the Wand tag (use items as wands), add wand and brewing recipes and we hope there'll be even more in the future. Look up the recipe format on our Wiki to get more information on how to do this.



Really Thanks a lot to onDee, without him this mod would've not been possible.




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