1,504,683 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 13, 2016 Game Version: 1.7.10

Practicalities is a mod for Minecraft 1.7.10 that focuses on adding simple and practical functionality. The mod is currently in development, and if you are going to use it please make sure to file any bugs on this post. I plan on making regular changes to this mod, so check back often to see what is new. If you have questions or find bugs, let me know via the forum post


This mod is being overhauled for 1.8.9. The information below is only relevant for 1.7.10



Sure, please link back to here though. A link to my patreon would be appriciated. Just don't be a jerk, make claims you can't back, or sell mod items on your server.


What is in it?

Check the website for all the details, but Here are some highlights:

Luminus Rod
    An item that when right clicked will place an invisible light source on the ground. Recharge it by placing it in a crafting grid with a Radiant Charger.
Rare Earth Magnet
    Get all the Stuff and Things! Will pull XP orbs and Items directly to your inventory, and will work through walls.
Smooth Glowstone
    It is glowstone, but all smooth and shiny
    A simple early game way to double your ore output. Requires more fuel, but has a chance of providing and extra ingot. You can also recycle your tools and armor in it as well.
Matter Transporter
    No one knows how it works, but it is capable of moving blocks from one location to another.
Imbued Sword
    An old powerful weapon capable of defeating any foe.
Imbued Tool
    An almost magical tool capable of making work faster and more efficient.
Sitis Stick
    Hold it in your hand and right click to make the rain go away
Wither Farm
    A way to automate the killing of the Wither boss!


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