Practical Anvil

5,370 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 5, 2017 Game Version: 1.9

This mod makes two changes to the way vanilla anvils operate:


1) Replaces the exponential increase in item repair costs due to repeated "repairs" of an item with a repair cost based on the total enchantment levels imbued on the target.  Renaming, repairing and enchantments combined from the source still contribute to the total repair cost as they did before. 


E.g., if your enchanted sword costs 7 levels to repair 1 ingot worth, that cost won't change no matter how many times it is repaired.  Future repair cost will change, however, if you add more enchantments or increase the level of an existing enchantment.


2) Reduces the chance to damage an anvil through normal use from 12% to 1%.  Damage due to dropping is unchanged.


Note that the mod changes the .RepairCost of both the target and the source.  If you decide to later uninstall the mod, those tags will not revert to their pre-modded values.  However, subsequent repairs will have the normal vanilla effect.


Requires Forge 1.9.



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