PowerCraft 2

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Power Craft is the mod about energy and mechanisms such as teleporter, conveyor, logic... and you yourself probably remember what is this mod about. After all this is the old good PowerCraft by MightyPork, XOR and Rapus.

Once I saw that it hasn't been updated very long time.
And I decided that I needed to correct this injustice and started writing code a few years ago. Over time and tediously through the hardships of learning Java and Forge api, I achieved a result that can be shown to people.

I solved some bugs, optimized code and added some new features(in future).
Now it ported for 1.7.10 and will be released for newer versions soon.

What modules are missing:
- Weasel(can be deleted or completely rewritten)

- CheckPoints (permanently removed)
- ItemStorage renamed to Storage


First start:
- load the game 
- Press P on your keyboard to open the PowerCraft Manager (Only in main menu)
- install modules 
Core and API will be automatically installed on startup 


Modules in Dev
- Logic (may contains bugs)
- Storage (may contains bugs)
- Mobile (may contains bugs)


- Integrations with industrials mods
- Add energy
- Write documentation for API
- Implement some ideas from abandoned sources (API / Modules repositories)


- Fix errors in launcher
- Fix bugs in modules
- Balancing craft recipes
- Replace temporary textures
- Move from Eclipse to Intellij Idea

All modules will be in the future added and fixes.
You already can enjoy old powercraft on new version of Minecraft




team account 

Original authors: MightyPork, XOR and Rapus



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