Power Suits

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This mod adds supersuits based on my self-made comic characters


New in 1.3: Eight brand new suits and a votekey. After this update I need your help! I am completely out of ideas for new suits. So please comment suit ideas or even a skin idea for an existing suit, Thank you in advance.


Recipe block recipes:



When right clicked: if powered by redstone and has blue ice placed on top of it it will turn it into deepfrosted ice

When that block is instead an anvil it will possibly turn into iron items or a Nanocube.

When that block is instead wheat it will turn into bread


When a constant pulse is provided( redstone clock recommended) and is filled with glass bottles,

if a gnome walks on top of it it will turn bottles into gnomeblood (a 20% chance)

If a blaze walks on top of it will turn bottles into blaze juice (a 20% chance)

If an enderman walks on top of it will turn bottles into enderman juice ( 60% chance)



- Captain cool


-Headmaster Plush

-Professor king


-Black skull

-Enderlord (Based off of friend suggestion)

-Top hat




-Meno Ion


-Redron x6


-ghost x2

-ghost explorer


-tuxedo x2


-lil orange




Captain cool:

C: Toggle Ice bridge

V: Summon snow golem (this will give you a short amount of slowness and some damage)

G: Summon ice sword


The ice bridge ability replaces the air blocks beneath you with ice that dissappears within a few seconds.


C: Place a platform below you at the cost of slowness for a short while, walk along the platform to create more

V: Place a five block high pillar where you look with a percent chance of enflicting slowness ( can be used as wall)

G: Summon staff

 Headmaster plush:

C: Grow to 0.45 size (if ThreeCore is installed)
V: Grow back to normal size ( if ThreeCore is installed)
G: Nothing

Passive: Slow falling

Professor King:

C: grow to 0.2 size and get a little strength (if ThreeCore is installed)
V: if a bottle is held it will turn into one of two potions
G: Summon Professor King's Blaster (enflicts poison or extra damage)



C: Grow to 0.45 size (if ThreeCore is installed)
V: Grow back to normal size ( if ThreeCore is installed)
G: Gives Electric Knuckles that have a chance to deal extra damage and strike lightning

Passive: Slow falling

Black skull:

C: Toggle armor and abilities (pretty cool for pranks and roleplay)
V: Explode
G: give dark balls( sort snowballs but with damage and wither) or if those equiped a Dark cleaver that effects wither and effects you levitation when right clicked 

Passive: Strenght II


C: Teleports you up 3 blocks
V: at the cost of a part of your health grants creative flight
G: summons Night Sting that when right clicked teleports you 3 blocks in looking direction
Passive: Speed, Strength II, Resistance II, Regeneration

And has a really cool armor model

 Top hat

 C: Toggle hat

V: Summon bunny

G throwing knife


C sword

V bomb

G minigun


C Toggle stealth (WIP)

V Sword

G Swords


C when on ground toggle elytra/ when in air slow falling

V Rockets

G Airforce bow


C when holding stick and is night spawns your body and you become spectator, to turn back punch your body

V summons a poison Projectile

G Weapon that improves all your attributes significantly when night

 Meno Ion

C upwards boost

V forwards boost/dash

G Uzi


When sneaking heals you

 Redron mk1

C Toggle armor

V upwards boost

G cycle through 5 weapons

 Redron Mk2

C Toggle armor

V Explode

G Drill weapon and pickaxe

 Redron mk3

C Toggle suit

V Effect everything with glowing

G blaster weapon

 Redron mk 4

C toggle armor

V invisible-ize armor

G saws

 redron mk5

C ranged weapon

V teleport

G meelee weapon

 Redron mk6

C upwards boost

V deathray from sky where looking

G toggle weapons


C add bread

V explode into bread

G equip intense baguette


C Summon backup body if has totem

V turn to spectator for short time

G Equip weapon


C change mask

G equip weapon


Very quick in water

G equip weapon

 Ghost explorer

C change to nether or to end if sneaking

V turn to spectator for a short while

G equip weapon

 Lil orange

C shrink and grow

V/G equip weapon


C double size ( if threecore is installed )

V half size ( if threecore is installed )

G equip weapon



 Where to find gnomes?

Gnomes spawn in dark forests along with their houses.

The houses spit out gnomes after time 0 and before 1400. Else they stay inside

spits out gnomes when starting to destroy



I like this mod how can I contribute to future updates?

- Downloading the mod

- By commenting your own super heroes with their powers and looks.

- If you think you can do something that would help it would be greatly appriciated.




(The mod is based on the lore, not the lore based on the mod. In the lore they are not in Minecraft)

  The suits with red text are villains




Captain cool: Maze was playing volleyball at school during an in school tournament and suddenly turned really cold. His worried friend Proffessor King took him to his lab to find out that Maze his temperature had dropped to -263 degrees celsius. Later Proffessor King got a call over the police radio calling him to duty as he then was the only superhero. Maze asked to come along and has been fighting crime as part of the Pentagon ever since.


Martius:   martius is a wizard and the fourth member of the Pentagon, not much is known other than that one day he turned up at a fight and got recruited.


Headmaster Plush: Headmaster plush is a large doll that became sentient when his owner was in danger of his life. Headmaster Plush used his ability to grow to save his owner and sometimes fights crime but mostly just wanders around the city.


Top Hat: Is a Magician who specializes in rabbit tricks and knife throwing, Often teams up with Amaganinja to fight the crime in the 1880 world of New Stuffed city.


Devlord: He once woke up to the sound of robbers only to find he had been robbed of everything except his halloween outfit. He put on the outfit and seeked vengence to the robber, but mostly robbed other people to sustain himself. One day Meno Ion offered to help Devlord to find the thief in exchange for his lifelong service. Meno gave Devlord the ability to create a selection of weapons out of thin air and they went back in time to avenge the thief by means of a very, very elaborate plan. Now he serves Meno Ion as a loyal (but brainwashed) servent.


Proffessor king: Walter King decided to become a superhero after being done with his school and investigations on gnomes and their blood. He made a suit that injects gnomeblood into the user causing them to shrink. He is officially licenced as the first superhero in police documents, even though Amaganinja and top hat were first. He is the founder and leader of the Pentagon.


Tibbe: Tibbe is the electricly powered sidekick of Headmaster plush and is also a doll with the power to turn big.


Amaganinja: is a very skilled elemental ninja who once saved the earth from comet like monsters.


Airforce: was once an aviation pilot wo got exposed to secret bio-engeniering experiments and became one of the first augmented soldiers


Black skull: is the rookie of the pentagon. He is unstable and finds it difficult to control his black magic transformative abilities. He became part of the pentagon initially for him to be cured but soon became a full time hero going along with many missions.


Enderlord: is the Alien ruler of a distant planet. He is in paper part of the pentagon, but only occasionnally shows up to eliminate the threath and then to fly away again. There are rumors among the civilians that His powers are driven from his necklace and that his powers will fade if it is ever removed. 


Blackface: Got exposed to a black goo that came from a mummy in the form of goo on his golden stick. It was his birthday and his very rich parents wanted to give David a real golden stick instead of the plastick gold colored stick advertised on TV( there is a show called gold stick where a cartoon hero with a golden stick fights villains). So they buy a golden stick from the museum unknowing that there is also a black goo. LAter on Davids birthday he is given the golden stick. Then a robber shoots both his parents and in a rage the goo engulfs his body and he pierces the robber. Afraid of himself he swore to only use his new found powers for good.


Meno Ion: is  an evil scientist robot whose goal is to rule the uneverse and rid it from heroes, very cliché but he almost succeeded to do so. in the last moment before his machine to rid the world of heroes was activated Proffessor king interchanged some wires. Now instead of all heroes, half heroes and half villains were eliminated. ( I made this story up before Avengers infinity war and did it solely for the purpose of getting rid of all the superheroes and villains with a bad design)


Redron: Was a simple bully untill he stole one of his classmates Armor. He then painted it red and empowered it with crystals. His obsession to make more suits is what drives his robberies. He was once invited to join Meno Ion but refused. (the classmate he stole from will be implemented soon, mayby)


All stories are set in the imaginary city called New Stuffed City. It has a hill that houses the pentagon which is host of the five heroes Proffessor king, Captain cool, Martius, the alien Enderlord and the trainee Black skull. Neighbouring countries to Vreemderland(where the city is in) are the military evil Mountanië and Friëskland. 




Thank you, for viewing this page.


made with Mcreator




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