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Power Converters, Power Your Mods!

Original Author: PowerCrystals, Currently maintained by covers1624.

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Before submitting any bugs or commenting saying it broke please ensure the following are met:

1. The bug can be reproduced.

2. The bug hasn't been submitted before.


If those requirements are met please fill out a bug report over here: http://vazkii.us/br101/

Then open a new issue on GitHub; Hint the issues button is at the top.


Basic Overview

The mod is designed to convert power between mods. The mod revolves around a central block called the Energy Bridge, The energy bridge has attachments called consumers and producers, there at least one consumer and producer for a given energy type.

Producers are designed to Produce energy from one mod but not accept it.

Consumers are designed to Consume energy from one mod but not produce it.

There can only be 6 consumers / producers per energy bridge.

energy bridges will NOT connect to each other, a given consumer / producer will pick one and only one energy bridge to pair with.


Please note ALL crafting recipes in Power Converters are Place Holders, They will be made more complex in the future.

All producers are made by putting a given Consumer into a crafting window to receive its counter part, this works both ways.


Please see NEI in game for the crafting recipes.






More Documentation Coming Soon...


If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to jump over to the IRC channel #PowerConverters on esper.net.



Sure go for it, if it is not on the FTB / Curse launcher provide a link back here.


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