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Have you ever thought that there's just not enough potion effects in the game, or how bad the potion storage system is?
Or maybe you just wish you could throw a potion bottle more than 2 blocks away from your feet?
Well then, this is the perfect mod for you. With over 20 new effects and 2 new potion bottle types, you will have plenty of things to do.
With a vast and branching system of recipes, you'll have a ton of fun discovering new recipes and expanding on already existing ones.
All potions have the standard splash, lingering and arrow variant, with most of them also having a redstone or glowstone version.



New Effects:

Aqua: creates a water source block at affected mobs feet (Thick potion -> Blue ice)
Hells Touch: creates a lava source block at affected mobs feet (Thick potion -> Magma block)
Clense: removes all active effects (Mundane potion -> Milk bucket)
Cure: removes all harmful active effects (Clense potion -> Glowstone dust)
Nullify: removes all helpful active effects (Clense potion -> Redstone dust)
Fuze: Explodes once potion effect ends (Awkward potion -> Firework star)
Bomb: Instantly explodes, no delay (Fuze potion -> Redstone dust)
Inferno: sets mob on fire until effect ends, removes fire resistance effect on higher levels (Fire resistance potion -> Fermented spider eye)
Photosynthesis: regenerates hunger while its daytime and there are no blocks above head (Mundane Potion -> Wheat seeds)
Recall: when effect ends, return to the spot where effect was applied, does not work if different dimension (Awkward potion -> Chorus fruit)
Reflect: gives immunity to projectile weapons (Awkward potion -> Bone meal)
Blast immunity: gives immunity to explosions (Fuze potion -> Fermented spider eye)
Undeath: a Totem of undying in potion form, after dying the effect is removed and mob is kept alive (Awkward potion -> Totem of Undying)
Lightning: summons lightning on the mobs location (Thick potion -> gold nugget)
Frail: all damage taken is multiplied by two (Awkward potion -> Rotten flesh)
Sting: sweet berry bush effect, take damage while moving (Awkward potion -> Sweet berry)
Conversion: convert all damage taken into health and health into damage (Frailness potion -> Fermented spider eye)
Wakeup: returns player to bed location, does not work if no spawn is set (Awkward potion -> White wool)
Lightfoot: gives immunity to fall damage (Awkward potion -> Raw salmon)
Disorient: moves affected mob in random directions (Awkward potion -> Poisonous potato)
Launch: launches affected mob high into the air (Floating potion -> Glowstone dust)
Grounding: forces the mob down to the ground, preventing jumping or flying (Launching potion -> Fermented spider eye)
Flight: enables flight, as seen in creative mode (Floating potion -> Neather star)
Deathbound: prevents undying effect from activating (Potion of Undying -> Fermented spider eye)

Disarm: forces affected mob to drop the item they are currently holding, doesnt work on villagers or cursed items (Thick potion -> Slime ball)
Corrosion: deals damage to equiped armor (Thick potion -> Lime dye)


Base game effects with no potion recipe:

Absorption: (Awkward potion -> Apple)
Health boost: (Awkward potion -> Potato)
Haste: (Mundane potion -> Carrot)
Withering: (Awkward potion -> Wither rose) 
Blindness: (Thick potion -> Ink sack)
Iron skin: Damage resistance (Thick potion -> iron nugget)
Diamond skin: Damage resistance (Thick potion -> diamond shard)
Floating: Levitation (Slow falling potion -> Fermented spider eye)



Minecraft's potion storage system is not great. With each potion taking one slot, its easy to end up with a full inventory when you need the storage space.
Vials are an attempt at fixing that problem. Potion vials can be stacked up to 16 each, their drinking time is a lot faster and they can be crafted in a set of four from a single potion.
The crafting process is pretty simple, place 4 empty vials in a cross pattern with the desired potion in the center.



Splash potions just don't make sense. You can carry around Tons of iron and stone in your back pocket, but you cant throw a splash potion more than 2 blocks away?
That is why we now have marbles, splash potions you can actually throw. With a throw range like snowballs, you'll finally be able to use harmful potions in combat without the fear of hitting yourself.
And of course, just like vials, they are stackable and can be easily crafted, using 4 empty glass marbles and a splash potions you will get 4 throwable marble potions.


Tipped Weapons

Isn't it a bit odd how you can add potions to arrows, but not weapons? Well, that changes here with Tipped Weapons. By combining a lingering potion and a weapon of your choice, you will be able to obtain a potion tipped weapon.
And just like the name suggests, upon hitting something with this weapon, you will also apply the potion effect. If you wish to change the potion effect, just combine the weapon with a different potion and the old one will be replaced. To remove the effect just combine it with a water bottle.
The applied effects by default do not run out of uses, but you can change that and many other things in the config file if you so desire.


Potion Bag

Last, but not least, a potion mod would not be complete without a potion bag. With 18 additional slots for potions and 6 slots for arrows you will have all the space you need for any exploration planned.
To craft this bag, all you will need is a chest and 8 pieces of leather, making it an easy item to get early in game.
If you wish to see what's inside the bag without opening it, just hold shift while hovering your cursor over the bag item.
In addition, the bag can also be placed on the ground or wall as portable storage. To do so, just right click on any solid block while crouching and you will have a new container for your potions.
To pick the bag up again, just break it with a single hit or remove the block the bag is placed on.


Recipes can be turned off and certain effects can be modified in the config file.


This is a base mod so no other mods are required to be installed.


Feel free to use this mod in modpacks. Just make sure to link it back to CurseForge and list me as the author.




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