Potion Shards

316 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 29, 2020 Game Version: 1.7.10

Potion Shards adds over 20 new ores to your world; each ore drops the respective shard, e.g., a Night Vision ore will drop a Night Vision shard.

Simply right-click the shard to gain its potion effect!

The potion duration times DO stack and can be tweaked.


All potion effects are included in this mod - even the bad effects.

What use are the bad effects, though?


Cleanse Ore and Cleanse Nuggets

While mining, you may encounter cleanse ores - they'll yield cleanse nuggets when mined.

Surround a "bad effect" shard by Cleanse Nuggets in a crafting table to receive its "positive effect" counterpart shard.



Click the spoiler below to see all of the shard conversions.

Slowness Shard = Speed Shard

Mining Fatigue Shard = Haste Shard

Instant Damage Shard = Instant Health Shard

Poison Shard = Regeneration Shard

Wither Shard  = Regeneration Shard

Nausea Shard = Night Vision Shard

Blindness Shard = Night Vision Shard

Weakness Shard = Strength Shard


But Minerkreep, the Cleanse Nuggets recipe is too difficult, is there another way to transform my shards?




Introducing the Cleanse Tools

Combine 9 Cleanse Nuggets in the crafting table to create a Cleanse Ingot.

Using Cleanse Ingots, you can craft a Cleanse Sword, Cleanse Axe, Cleanse Hoe, Cleanse Shovel, or Cleanse Pickaxe!

The Cleanse Pickaxe has a cleansing effect, though! If you mine a "bad effect" shard with this special pickaxe, you'll receive the shard's "positive effect" counterpart!

Tip: If you ever need to compress your Cleanse Ingots, you can craft them into a Cleanse Block.



Rainbow Shard

There exists a very rare ore: the Rainbow Ore.

What does it do? There's only one way to find out!



Configure Potion Shards to your liking!

We have tried our best to balance out the shards, but if that doesn't please you, you can always access the Potion Shard configuration file. All shard generation and duration times can be tweaked within the configuration file.


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