Potion Enchantments

852 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 2, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

With five new Enchantments you can now add potion effects to your target when fighting. Any living entity that gets hit with a sword that has one of these enchantments will be granted the status effect. These Enchantments can be put on swords either from the enchantment table or from being combined with a book of that enchantment. Books can be obtained by enchanting a book on an enchantment table or by trading with villagers. These enchantments are not compatible with each other and each enchantment has its own texture for the swords.


Harming I: Targets given Instant Damage I for 10 seconds

Harming II: Targets given Instant Damage II for 20 seconds


Healing I: Targets given Instant Health I for 10 seconds (Damages undead)

Healing II: Targets given Instant Health II for 20 seconds (Damages undead)


Poison I: Targets given Poison I for 10 seconds

Poison II: Targets given Poison II for 20 seconds


Slowness I: Targets given Slowness I for 10 seconds

Slowness II: Targets given Slowness II for 20 seconds

Slowness III: Targets given Slowness III for 30 seconds

Slowness IV: Targets given Slowness IV for 40 seconds


Weakness: Targets given Weakness for 10 seconds



Make sure the Fabric Launcher, or other compatible launcher is installed

Place this .jar file along with the Fabric API in your mods directory


This mod requires the Fabric API


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