Potion Crackers

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Have you ever wanted to carry a bunch of potions around with you, but you didn't have the inventory space?


NOW YOU CAN! Potion Crackers allows you to carry stacks of potions at a time, by infusing crackers (who would've guessed) with potion effects.

Currently, you can craft a cracker for every legitimately obtainable vanilla buff. This includes effects you can only get from Beacons or other means.


To craft the basic cracker, put two wheat either side of a piece of nether wart. Infusing the crackers with potions is simple - just surround the ingredient you would normally use to brew the potion in 8 basic crackers, with 3 exceptions. To view the full recipes, use JEI, or alternatively, click here.
Now with cheese!



Submit issues to the Github issue tracker if you find any.



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