Potion Blade - 1.3

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Update 1.3

Thanks for more then 400 downloads!


This Mod add a bit of ease to your game.
You can make a sword with a potion applied to it.
Let's say a sword with poison or wither effect.


In order to make a Potion Blade, you need to have a dauber.
You craft it like this:

To create even more potion blades, make an Advanced Dauber.
You craft it like this:


The dauber will let you create the sword with a potion.
You need to place the potion or item in the first input.
The second input will be needed for a sword.

To see what potion can go in what dauber, see the minecaftforum post:

In order to power the dauber, you need a blazerod or 2 blazepowder.
This will go in the slot at the bottom.
It will take about one minute to create the Potion Blade.


Added advanced dauber, more potion blades can be made with this.
Added sword with longer lasting times for potion blade's potion effect.
Changed times for normal potion blade's time for potion effect.

Added the dauber, furnace-like machine to put a potion on your blade.
Fixed the bugs with some potions.

Added the Potion Blade, potion of healing
Changed the names of the sword: Can now be seen on the normal HUD
Added the Function to apply the potion to yourself.
this will be a bit shorter then when you hit a mob.
When Applied to yourself, your sword will take damage. Like when you hit a mob.


Installation guide:
1. Download Minecraft Forge for 1.6.4, install with the installer;
2. Run the forge version one time;
2. Download the latest version of the mod;
3. Place the zip file of the mod inside the mods folder located in the .minecraft folder.


You may use this mod in a modpack,
but you need to inform me and put my name in the credit's section

You may place this mod on an other forum/site,
but you need to put my name in the credit's section


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