Pot Goblins

6,474 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 18, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5   +1

Just a simple mod that adds the Living Jars from Elden Ring


Find Pot Goblins running around the Nether!

Kill them and they drop pot shards!

Turn the pot shards into a pot helmet!


 Upgrade your pot helmet into a netherite pot helmet!

you can also tame one with gold nuggets! they're not very good fighters but they're kinda chill!


I'm working on re-making the mod from the ground up. No promises though, if it's never released, then it's never released, I'm a busy man


I do NOT give permission to anyone to update the mod to any version of the game


This mod was made with Mcreator v2021.1 and wouldn't have been possible without it cause I kinda suck at programming

I've also made some animations for them with geckolib but that doesn't work with mcreator 1.16


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