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Makes a custom song play after defeating the ender dragon and exiting the end, for the first time.


I felt like it would be nice to have the track 'Intro' from C418's album Minecraft - Volume Beta play as it fit in perfectly with having just defeated the dragon.


But of course I can't have the track in the mod, as it is copyrighted, so instead I provided another track.


The track supplied is called 'Better Days' and is composed by Benjamin Tissot aka. Bensound. The song is available on


But the main idea is you can replace the song with C418's 'Intro' track, but you need to buy the track yourself, which you can buy from here:


Note: I am in no way affiliated with C418 and made this only to train my modding skills. The idea for the mod was provided by reddit user 'u/AmISteve' from the following reddit post: Post



Drag the jar to your minecraft mods folder, normally found in '%AppData%\Roaming\.minecraft'


Using own music track.

Download the provided resourcepack, and replace the only file, called 'track.ogg' with your own .ogg music. Place the folder within your '.minecraft\resourcepacks' folder, and remember to select it ingame.

Link to resourcepack!


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