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Upcomming features will be:

  • bypassing options that are turned off (for admins)
  • hijacking homes (with lot of options) for more RPG fun
  • support for custom beds (comming from other mods)
  • disable bed explosions in nether/end
  • disabled sleeping in occupied homes (at night)
  • settings for restore/lose health/hunger after a sleep
  • adjusting how much players are needed in bed to skip night
  • tab completion support
  • .. and many more ..

 Stay tuned.



This mod gives you as player of a server the ability to teleport to your bed via a command.



It's mainly usage is to port you back to your bed.

  • You can use this mod within a server without needing it as player. (Server side)
  • You can use this mod as single player, too. (Client side)

I developed this, because I couldn't find any mod around doing this and having a multidimension or blacklist support.



  • Setting one home in each dimension via placing a bed or right clicking a free bed
  • Can't take over the bed of another player
  • Erase all homes of a player
  • Remove all homes of a dimension
  • Multidimension support to port to your bed in another dimension
  • Permission for each command possible
  • Customizable language configuration
  • Blacklist to deny setting a home in certain dimensions.



The data file is located in: world/data/portbed.dat



The config file is located in: config/portbed/configGeneral.cfg

  • commandName
    • If you want to redefine another command name for the mod do it with this value.
  • commandNameAliases
    • If you want to define an alias name for the command do it with this value.
  • multidimension_bed_port
    • If it's allowed to port to your bed in another dimension.
  • teleportation_delay
    • The delay, when you get ported to your bed.
  • blackList
    • Contains a list of all blacklisted dimensions.



The base command is:

  • bed

Append one of the sub commands to execute them. Example:

  • bed help


Sub commands

The text between the signs less than and greater than is necessary to execute it correctly. The text between brackets is optional.

  •  aliases
    • Shows available aliases for the main command.
  • blacklist <add|remove|list> (dimension)
    • Lists all available blacklisted dimensions.
    • Adds or removes a dimension to the blacklist via dimension argument.
      • All homes of an added dimension will be removed.
  • clear <playername>
    • Removes all homes from the given player.
  • config
    • Show the settings of 'multidimension_bed_port' and 'teleportation_delay'.
  •  erase (dimension)
    • Erases all homes in the given dimension.
  • help (<command>)
    • Shows help for each available command.
  • list
    • Displays all homes with dimension of the player who executed the command.
  • multiport <0|1>
    • Turns the teleportation to the homes between dimensions on/off,
  • reload
    • Will reload the configuration from disc.
  • port (dimension)
    • Teleports you to your bed in the current dimension, if no dimension is given.
    • Teleports you to your bed in the given dimension, if 'multidimension_bed_port' is on.
    • Teleport will be canceled while moving or being under attack / getting damage.
  • reload
    • Reloads the configuration from disc.
  • remove <playername> <dimension>
    • Removes a home from a player in the given dimension.
  • wait <seconds>
    • Sets the delay before teleportation starts. 0 seconds means no wait time.



Each command has it's own permission so that the mod is fully customizable to your needs.


bed.commands.Commands //Main command

bed.commands.Command<CommandName> //Sub commands


bed.commands.CommandHelp //Help command

bed.commands.CommandRemove //remove command


I can't assume that you want provide the functions of the mod to anyone therefore you will possibly encounter the message: "You do not have permission to use this command."

Use a permission manager like ThutPerms to solve this problem by providing you the permissions you need.



Just put the mod into your mod folder. It's only needed on the server-side if you're hosting a server.



You need at least the corresponding Forge Version.



Currently I'm providing the mod in british english (hopefully). There will be a language file created which gives you the ability to translate the entire mod to your target language:

  • config/portbed/configLang.cfg


Ideas / Suggestions

As developer one can only guess what the needs of admins / players are, so don't hesitate telling me your ideas / suggestions. Even if you're thinking that some things could be solved much easier or on another way I will appreciate it.


Bugs / Problems

I'm not able to cover all conditions the mod will encounter therefore there can always be bugs / problems, if you find some please tell me so I can fix them. One advice from me at this point: Provide basic information like MC/Forge version and mod version.



Outstanding until it gets open source.


Source Code (/ Copyright)

I'm a fan of open source, I really do and I'm willing to provide the source code if I get enough requests for it or I decide to publish it - until this point all rights are reserved.



You have translated the mod to russian, you have a better logo for it? You can always contribute to this mod at any time, just contact me.



Use the comment section, write me a pm or visit the discord channel PixtarMcMods.


Viruses / Worms

Every file is scanned across VirusTotal.com with 0 / 59 findings:

1.12.0:  v.1.0

1.12.1:  v.1.0

1.12.2:  v.1.0


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