Portal Worlds

1,695 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 7, 2014 Game Version: 1.6.4

This is the early version of the mod. It will allow you to use materials found under the menu to be able to create a portal to another land. In these lands you can craft testing areas, games, mine for material with no monsters present (at least in this version), create hidden areas that look just like normal throughway's until you use the custom igniter to activate the portal. The best thing is that if you destroy the portal the world wont disappear unless you start a new map. That way when you break it or if lets say a creeper blows up destroying the portal you won't lose all the progress inside.

The igniter will be crafted out of one stone block and one coal. The coal will go in the center and the stone in the bottom left. To make the portal work place stone 4 across on the bottom. 1 on each side so there is a 2 wide gap, then three high with a constant gap in the middle of 2 across. This will leave a 6 block hole when you close the top. It will look like a big O. Then right click the igniter.


I state this is experimental due to the fact that the entire mod is not complete. There will be several updates. I state this here and now that I do not care one bit if you add to your mod, improve on it, change it, tear it apart and throw it around like silly pudey. Make videos with it, experiment with it, and most of all leave me comments about what you would like to see. All I ask is that my credit is given when showing the mod and if giving the original mod out that you link back here.

Also please join our newly formed youtube channel... http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkeUuIXL_SLqG1XhrUtOm7w


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