Portal Room

11,400 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 8, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2  

A Room where you have your Portals to places.

Only has one item. A teleportation stick.

Crafting recipe

With it you can make any block a portal to your Portal Room, your exclusive room where all your portals are.

How to use it:

  • Sneak+Right Click any block to make that block a portal (it does not replace the block).
  • Right Click a block where you have made a portal to be teletransported to your Portal Room.
  • Right Click a portal in your Portal Room to be teletransported outside the Portal Room (portals in your Portal Room are between 2 torchs)
  • Sneak+Right Clicking an existing portal removes that portal.

Don't worry if you break any portal block, just place a block in that position again and you are good to go!

More info:

Added custom config options:

  • room size is now customizable
  • option for automatic lighting via random glowstone spawns in floor and ceiling, default is false cause symmetry
  • option for being able to break and place blocks freely in the room #freeDiamonds, default is false ofc

Added new command (/shareRoom <username>) so people can share the same teleportation room, both players need to use the command with each others username to work, the first person to use the command is the person who's room will be the common room.

Added new functionality where the player can always place signs in the portal room and can remove them by sneak+right clicking the signs with the teleportation stick

Hope you like the mod and have fun!


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