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This is a small mod that adds extended-reach weapons, in the form of spears. These are made with a sword and two poles(check NEI for the recipes), and come in all the usual tool materials. They are Swords internally, so the vanilla method of repair works, and they are literally just Swords with a 7-block reach on them(including the sweep attack in 1.10.2!).


I haven't made any particular attempt to make this compatible with other mods, but I have noticed that they work with the Covalence Dusts from ProjectE(at least in 1.7.10), and it doesn't seem to break any of the mods I've tried it with, so it seems compatible.


I can't guarantee that I'll maintain this very well, so it is open-source, and available on GitHub. If you do decide to try and do better, I'd prefer it if you keep the Apache license.

If you do decide to try and do better and/or add new features, by all means do so. That's part of the point of an open-source license. Another part is so that either myself or others can pull features or code from other versions, or maybe even for use in other mods.


For 1.11.2 and above, there is a semi-official port available here: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/un-offical-port-of-polearms?gameCategorySlug=mc-mods&projectID=273948



Go for it! That's why this is here.

If it's a public pack, I'd like credit in some way, either as a link to this page or as a line in a credits file (something along the lines of "Polearms, by DerTrueForce" would do for that).


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