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Plethora Peripherals



Plethora is a ComputerCraft/CC:Tweaked peripheral provider for Minecraft 1.20. Plethora-Fabric is a port of Plethora for Fabric 1.20. It aims to provide both metadata and peripherals for vanilla Minecraft and (TODO) mainstream mods.

Plethora also adds a series of "modules" to the game. These modules can be used by the player with varying success. They really come in to their element when put in a manipulator, providing a series of methods which allow interacting with your environment. This includes: - Introspection: investigating the current player's inventory (and ender chest) - Scanner: scans blocks in an area, gathering metadata about them. - Sensor: scans entities in an area. Like the scanner this allows getting metadata. - Frickin' laser beam. It fires lasers. - Kinetic augment: allows remote access to your muscles, making them even stronger than before.

If you've ever wanted to embed a computer in your skull then today is your lucky day. Plethora provides a neural interface which can be attached to your head, or some unsuspecting animal or monster. Right-clicking the entity with a neural controller allows you to interact with it. You can insert modules (which will be wrapped as peripherals) and manipulate them with the built-in computer. Building a cyborg army has never been so easy.

You can also add a kinetic augment to the neural interface. This allows controlling the host entity in various ways.

Port status

The port to Fabric is still ongoing. SwitchCraft's needs were prioritised in the port, but we eventually aim to support as much of the original mod as possible. For a detailed list of differences to the original mod, and information on how to migrate your code, see the changes list at docs.sc3.io.



There is pretty comprehensive documentation on the Plethora website. This contains tutorials, explanations of several fundamental concepts and thoroughly explained examples. For a detailed list of differences to the 1.12.2 mod, and information on how to migrate your code, see the changes list at docs.sc3.io.


> You know, I have one simple request. And that is to have ~~sharks~~ squid with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads!

> Various modules available


Modpack use: allowed

Please note that each custom SwitchCraft mod has its own license, so check the license of each mod before using it in your modpack.


This mod and it's source code is licensed under the MIT license.