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Plenty of Golems

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This mod requires GECKOLIB


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- P.S. This is the original mod, so every other mod with same things are fake copies -


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Plenty of Golems is an exciting mod for Minecraft that brings a wide variety of golems to your game world. Expand your Golem army with this unique mod and discover a host of new adventure companions! This mod adds a huge range of golems with special abilities and a unique and charming appearance.


The new types of added golems are:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Giants 
  • First of
  • Ancient

- Medium and Small Golems can be made, but Giants and First of as to be found around the world -



| "The mod add over 20+ golems so there are "plenty of golems" to choose from" | @azzy




Newly added golems include


## Small type ##


- Jungle Plank Golem

The Jungle Plank Golem:

  • Shoots arrow and cacao beans
  • Can be picked up and used as a gun :) 


- Piston Golem

The Piston Golem:

  • Use his fists to launch enemies 


- Candle Golem 

The Candle Golem:

  • It emits light
  • Set enemies on fire



- Barrel Golem

The Barrel Golem:

  • Rolls into enemies
  • Can be used as a barrel



- Composter Golem

The Composter Golem:

  • Shoot seeds that can bonemeal the ground 



- Enchanting Golem

The Enchanting Golem:

  • Can enchant nearby pacific mobs including the player with different effects
  • Can stack on top of the bookshelf golem to make a bookshelf tower
  • (Totem: Obsidian, Pumpking AND FOR LAST ENCHANTING TABLE)


- Bookshelf golem

The Bookshelf Golem:

  • Can shoot 6 books around him and has to be reloaded with a book


- Tnt Golems

The Tnt Golems:

  • Launch tnt
  • Have 3 variations


- Dirt Golem

The Dirt Golem:

  • You can change the flower on top of his head and it will grow it on the ground
  • Has to be found


## Medium type ##

- Melon Golem

The Melon Golem:

  • Shoot melon seeds at hostile mobs
  • You can wear that melon



- Wool golem

The Wool Golem:

  • Impale enemies with a giant needle
  • Can be customized with the 16 dyes


- Stack Golem

The Stack Golem:

  • It can disassemble himself and attack
  • You can reassemble it



- Endstone Golem

The Endstone Golem:

  • Does a meele attack
  • Can be ridden


 - Honey Golem

The Honey Golem:

  • Shoot honey to slow enemies
  • May spawn a group of bees targeting the enemy



- Stonecutter Golem

The Stonecutter Golem:

  • Cut enemies giving them a bleeding effect that make them lose health



- Bookshelf Tower

The Bookshelf Tower:

  • Shoot a ray that can apply negative effect to enemies


- Hay Golem

The Hay Golem:

  • Make all hostile mobs target him



- Smithing Golem

The Smithing Golem:

  • Can be upgraded from iron to diamond with the corresponding block (you can remove the block with a iron pickaxe or above)



- Blast Furnace Golem

The Blast Furnace Golem:

  • Set fire to mobs in a certain area 



- Nether Golem

The Nether Golem:

  • Does a melee attack
  • Shoot 2 exploding fists



- Bamboo Golem 

The Bamboo Golem:

  • Shoot poison darts



- Powder Snow Golem

The Powder Snow Golem:

  • Can do a strong melee attack
  • Can throw giant snowballs and slow down enemies


## Giant type ##

- Dark Oak Golem

The Dark Oak Golem:

  • Can make an area attack

(Needs to be awaken by finding a structure)


- Amethyst Golem

The Amethyst Golem:

  • Shoot a raygun that has a piercing like effect 

(Needs to be awaken by finding a structure)


- Obsidian Golem

The Obsidian Golem:

  • Shoot a ray to the enemies
  • Does an area attack in case the enemies are near

(Needs to be awaken by finding a structure)


- Spruce golem

The spruce golem:

  • Launch big projectiles that do area damage


(Needs to be awaken by finding a structure)


## First of type ##

- First of Dispenser

The First of Dispenser:

  • Shoot arrows
  • Can be upgraded using the corresponding rune to Fire and Firework (you can remove the Rune with a iron pickaxe or above)

(Needs to be awaken by finding a structure)


- First of Sand 

The First of Sand :

  • It spawn small dust devils that damage mobs

(Needs to be awaken by finding a structure)


- First of Basalt

The First of Basalt:

  • Shoot flaming blaze rods
  • Can set enemies in an area on fire

(Needs to be awaken by finding a structure)


- First of the dungeon

The First Of The Dungeon:

  • Does melee attack
  • Spawn Andesite Golemin that do melee damage

(Needs to be awaken by finding a structure)


- First of the Village

The First of the Village:

  • Stun enemies in a big area 

(Needs to be awaken by finding a structure)


 ## Ancient type ##

- Ancient of Prismarine

The Ancient of Prismarine:

  • Hostile
  • Has a strong melee attack
  • Has a strong ranged attack that explode on contact
  • Has an area attack that ignores armor

(Needs to be awaken by finding a structure)


- The Guardian Of The Deep

The Guardian of The Deep:

  • Hostile
  • Does a strong melee damage
  • Shockwave attack when hurt

(Needs to be awaken by finding a structure)




V 1.3.0


Improvements for the Golems ownership and follow system!!!

Now NO ONE can STEAL your Golems ANYMORE!

And now Golems can FOLLOW YOU correctly even in MULTIPLAYER!

In addition let's specify few things;

  • Barrel Golems doesn't attack anyone while following you, so now you can have a living barrel that will persecute you FOREVER (I'm joking, you can decide at any time when you don't want a Golem to follow you)
  • Enchanting and Bookshelf Golems don't unify in the Enchanting Tower Golem when they are following you
  • When a Golem is spawned by Spawn Eggs or Commands they don't own to anyone and the first player calling them with the Horn or the Golems Guide Staff will be their owner
  • A Golem becomes yours when you Build or Awaken it
  • If a Smithing Golems isn't yours you can't Upgrade or Downgrade it
  • If a Stack Golem isn't yours you can still stack it
  • If a Stack/Jungle Plank Golem isn't yours you can still pick it
  • If a Dirt/Wool Golem isn't yours you can still change the Flower/Color



- Powder Snow Golem



  1. Bug-Fixesssssssss

    • Ancient of Prismarine death messages aren't displayed correctly
    • Ancient of Prismarine no longer made its attacks after the player exited and re-entered the world
    • Dirt Golem has a low spawnrate
    • Dirt Golem Pile has no gravity
    • Dirt Golem consumes the flowers even in creative mode
    • Dirt Golem's flower texture can be changed when is loaded/spawned even without shearing it before and the NBT Tag remains the same
    • Dirt Golem's flower texture returns back to the default one when reloading the world/it's entity
    • Wool Golem consumes the dyes even in creative mode
    • Wool Golem's costume texture returns back to the default one when reloading the world/it's entity
    • Wool Golem's consume the dyes even if it's costume is the same colour of the given dye
    • Whether placed or stacked a single Stack Golem Piece gets removed from the inventory even if the player is in Creative
    • Golems don't follow players who join a server after the first one
    • The textures of the Dirt and Wool Golem don't work properly in Multiplayer
    • When used, statue items for TNT Golems consumes even being in Creative
    • Applied runes to the First of Dispenser consumes even being in Creative
    • When upgrading the Smithing Golem, Iron/Gold/Diamond Blocks consumes even being in Creative
    • Air and Land TNT Golems spawns incorrectly
    • When removing the Smithing Golem's upgrade the pickaxe won't damage in Adventure
    • The life of the Jungle Plank Golem resets when picked up and then released


The mod will be updated in the future, have fun 🎉