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Only effective in multiplayer

Requires Minecraft Forge





Killing a player grants you a trophy to put up on your wall, with a cooldown timer to prevent farming trophies from one player.




Craft a Bounty Poster, name it in an anvil after the player you wish to target (and who is online), and rightclick with it! A bounty will now be put on the targeted player, and a reward will be granted to whoever kills them first.




You can make a clan to officially unite you and your friends.
Clans give you a couple of options:

  • You can create ranks. Ranks can be granted to members of the clan, thus giving them a title and possibly certain rights.
  • You can assign rights. Rights are the actual permissions that can be given to players. The rights are:
    • INVITE: invite players to the clan
    • KICKDEFAULT: every clan has a default rank; this right allows members to kick members with the default rank
    • KICK: kick any member of the clan (with any rank, so best to only give this to those you trust to not kick you)
    • MANAGE: manage ranks (create, remove, assign rights, grant)
    • DISBAND: disband the clan, effectively removing it from any members
    • CLAIM: use the scepter to claim/unclaim blocks and territory for the clan (currently only chests supported, for double chests secure both blocks!)
  • Friendly Fire: friendly fire is turned off by default between clan members. This can be turned off in the config.

If you are in a clan and have claiming rights, you may use a scepter on chests to claim them for your clan (if they haven't been claimed yet).






Bounty Poster



Command overview:


/bounty list : lists all bounties currently active on the server

/clan: used with the following parameters

    list : lists all clans

    create [clan name] : create a clan with the given name, if it hasn't been used before

    disband : removes your clan

    invite [player name] : invites the player to your clan

    kick [player name] : kicks the player from your clan

    rank [various] : create, remove, grant ranks to players and add/remove rights

    members : lists all members of your clan with their rank

    accept [clan name] : accept the invitation to join the clan

    invites : show all invitations to join a clan



More commands are provided for OP purposes.


All commands support tab completion.


Future plans:

  • Add functionality for more blocks to be secured (on request) 

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