Player Beacons

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Player Beacons


Ever felt like vanilla beacons just wasn’t really worth if it if you have multiple bases? Are you an evil dictator who doesn’t want to share his beacon with anyone else? Well maybe this mod is for you. Player Beacons does basically exactly what it says, it adds a beacon that is tied to your specific player. Using the power of the end, it transposes buffs onto you wherever you are in that dimension. Want speed 2 everywhere you go? Easy! Of course, the End is not something to be messed about with… This mod was originally made for ModJam 2 over a 96 hour period

Additional information can be found on my website:


I highly recommend using NEI to check recipes in game

Please note if you have Thaumcraft installed then recipes won't show in NEI as they have to be unlocked through research! This can be turned off in the config

Depleted Crystal - Right click beacon with an emerald


Planned Features

  • More buffs and expanded corruption mechanic
  • Pretty effects - Kinda done!
  • Hostile beacons (Beacons that may work against other players)
  • A recall item

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