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A forge mod for Minecraft that adds platters from which nearby creatures and players will be fed autonomously.

In practicality, a platter, when supplied with appropriate foodstuffs, will feed a player when they are nearby and hungry. Wooden platters will also feed and breed any animals that are nearby.

Right clicking will take the item from a player's hand and stack it on the platter. Shift right clicking the platter will remove the most recently added item. Platters will disable when applied a redstone signal and output a comparator signal as appropriate. Platters created without wood will only feed players.

I have attempted to make the mod configurable to the extent that it can be made more or less server friendly. By default, a platter will store 9 stacks and search in a 5 block "radius" for creatures to feed every 60 seconds.



Replace the wood planks with other wood planks, iron or gold ingots, or stone to achieve other platter variants.

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This mod has been a learning experience for me, @bearsdotzone, as I attempt to wrap my head around forge mod development. As such, this mod would not have been possible without McJty's Mod Tutorials, and open source projects such as AppleSkin, Botania, Iron Chests, Railcraft, and Quark.

Particularly, under Appleskin's unlicense I used the code for network synchronization of hunger and saturation.