Planet Evelon

4,677 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 18, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.2   +4
Planet Evelon is a universal Mod that should generally include extensions for all categories in Minecraft.
At the moment it includes some decoration blocks, multiple storage opportunities, a special furnace with new recipes, better standard tools and some new weapons.
In the future, the mod will be splited into individual mods, so they can be used separatly from each other.
Planet Evelon already includes:
Evelon Deco
A small collection of tables and chairs, I hope there will be a few more later.
Evelon Refining 
Adds a new special funace that can melt almost everything what is like metal or stone.
just try it out! (At the moment he only melts raw materials such as earth, stones, sand ... in a later version, if I have trimmed the mods and I will write an exact list of everything he can melt.)
Evelon Tools
All normal Tools as a larger Special Version.
Some demonstrations.


Evelon Weapons
Some new different swords, bows and arrows.

To craft this items, just simply build these items, they are used for almost all recipes.