Planet B

292 Downloads Last Updated: May 29, 2022 Game Version: 1.18.2   +3

This is an add-on for TechReborn, aimed to be played at late mid-game or early late-game. Reinforce your advanced machine casings with netherite ingots (and use the Industrial Grinder and the new alloy recipe in TR to get the ingots cheap), then build a portal machine and get it to work by hitting it with your trusty wrench!


Right now Planet B looks a bit boring, but under the surface and over the clouds there are a lot of space rocks you want to put into your TR machines. You can get Helium, Mercury, Titanium and even Blue Ice with relative ease. Try it out!


Issues, suggestions and even annoying "when will you update to 1.XY" questions all go to GitHub please, so I can actually be notified about them. Putting this into mod packs is allowed. I won't port it to forge, but you are free to do so.