Placeable Items

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Filename placeableitems-3.1.jar
Uploaded by Ferdz_
Uploaded Oct 30, 2017
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 579.43 KB
Downloads 6,628
MD5 0770f77af61cd70814b44091c5e19b3a
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


1.12.2 support is now here! 

Thanks to jbrion1995 who graciously ported the mod to 1.12.2, we are offering this update with pride.

Fresh updated models

MasterianoX has been hard at work updating the existing models to make this update fantastic. The new models are completely revamped, including better textures and more accurate modeling to make the mod blend in your builds and really make them pop.

Here is the full list of updated models:

  1. Arrow and tipped arrows
  2. Blaze rod
  3. Experience bottle
  4. Dragon breath
  5. Empty bottle
  6. Potion
  7. Stick
  8. Egg
  9. Apple & golden apple
  10. Bone
  11. Splash potion
  12. Blaze powder & blaze powder particles
  13. Potato
  14. Bowl, mushroom stew & rabbit stew
  15. Beef
  16. Beetroot & beetroot soup
  17. Book & book and quill
  18. Bow
  19. Brick & nether brick
  20. Ingots
  21. Clock
  22. All sword models
  23. Pumpkin pie

What's next

We're currently building a roadmap sheet where people can better see what we're working on and what features are available to achieve a better transparency. Some more model updates are to come. These will be distributed over a few smaller patches in the near future.