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Filename Pixelmon-1.12.2-8.4.0-universal.jar
Uploaded by PixelmonMod
Uploaded Apr 22, 2022
Game Version 1.12.2   +2
Size 380.47 MB
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MD5 ebe4c0765e3c82c370db2ebe7454833b
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Java 8
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New Pokémon:
  • Basculegion (Male and female)
  • Overqwil
New Pokémon Forms:
  • Decidueye
  • Qwilfish
  • Zorua
  • Zoroark
  • TCG has been added. Checkout the wiki here
  • Five new creative tabs. There is one for Cards, Packs(boosters), Decks(pre-made decks), and Cosmetics (Coins and card backs currently)
  • Added new card backs!
  • Coin is now rendered on the battlefield
  • The BattleBox now has three sizes instead of one, small, medium, and large. Play on any size field you like! These have no recipe by default to allow servers to implement them how they wish.
  • Removed chat, leaderboard and such from rendering when in battle
  • Added cosmetic cards
  • Card compendium updated with further sets
  • New Anniversary hood! Happy 10 years!


  • Fixed an issue where some players could not change their sash color via /redeem
  • 16227 Fixed a bug where the trainer AI would not attack a Shedinja with Focus Sash.
  • 16519 Fixed an issue where If a Pokemon fainted on the same turn a battle ended, the player would have to switch Pokemon.
  • 16464 Battle GUI - Fixes the Z-Move button staying pressed if anything but an attack is chosen.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes allowed you to add any item to a Pokemon's held item slot.
  • 16950 Fixed forms in Pokedex showing incorrect weights
  • 16949 Fixed there being a chance of finding a shiny for the normal form in the pokedex
  • 13916 Fixed the sizes of models in the pokedex having variability
  • 17160 Fixes Hisuian breeding
  • You can no longer throw out egg pokemon
  • 16257 Prevents Type1 spec causing crashes
  • 16958 Fix dynamaxed judgement to use the correct max move
  • Hisuian forms should now breed properly
  • Fixed some TCG cards missing sprites
  • Many different TCG crash bugs fixed
  • TCG printer no longer eats items for invalid recipes
  • TCG effects and abilities in battle
  • Decks can no longer defy the laws of physics and have more than 60 cards
  • Added Curse ability
  • Added Evolutionary Light ability
Battle Fixes:
  • 17057 Fixed the Symbiosis ability not passing on items to allies.
  • 16476 Fix Thief and Covet not taking damage from Rocky Helmet before stealing it.
  • 17027 Fixed PhantomForce, Prevented moves with a NEVER_MISS accuracy value hitting through the Vanish status.
  • 16615 Fixed Bolt Beak and Fishious Rend doing double damage every turn after doubling once.
  • 15778 Fix Light That Burns the Sky to not calculating damage properly.
  • 15752 Fix Urshifu's ability not ignoring Protect while dynamaxed.
  • 13555 Fixed multi-turn moves losing PP each time they KO a Pokemon.
  • 16340 Fix Zacian and Zamazenta regaining all their pp back at the end of a battle.
  • 15818 Fix Dynamax'd Weather Ball not changing its type based on the weather.
  • 17125 G-Max Replenish will now inflict damage.
  • 15880 Berserk is no longer procs when hit with moves affected by Sheer Force.
  • 15881 The Recycle move will now try to restore health immediately after recycling a berry.
  • 15876 Fixed players not being able to choose a target if a Dynamaxed move's base move hit several targets at once.
  • 14520 Fixes Copycat not using pp when copying a multi-turn move.
  • 17018 Prevent Red Card activating if the attacker has already fainted.
  • 17007 Fix Shell Side Arm ignoring some abilities and whether it made physical contact.
  • 16990 Fix Psychic Terrain stopping a priority Pursuit attack.
  • 17043 MagicBounce - Fixing absorption abilities (e.g. Volt Absorb) not working on reflected moves.
  • 15766 Prevent Follow Me from continuing to redirect moves after the user has fainted.
  • 15820 Fix Copycat copying the Max Move instead of the original move.
  • 16410 Prevent being choice locked into a move after fainting in a max raid battle.
  • 16404 Fix Court Change only moving statuses on the user's side and ignoring other ally trainer's Pokemon.
  • 16277 Fixes Transform transforming Pokemon into a default form but using the target's gigantamax texture.
  • 16456 TerrainBoosts - Fixes Expanding Force and Rising Voltage not increasing their base power in their appropriate terrain.
  • 17003 Players can no longer Ultra Burst twice in one battle. Players can now Ultra Burst and Mega Evolve in the same battle.
  • 16958 Fix Dynamaxed Judgment to use the correct Max Move based on the type of Judgment.
  • 15816 Separate postProcessAttackUser into damaging moves and all moves trigger. Fix ThroatSpray not activating with status moves.
  • 16145 Choice items no longer activate when dynamaxed
  • 17135 Eiscue's ability Ice Face no longer procs after using substitute
  • 17087 Change Howl too affect all allies at once
  • 17134 Make Worry Seed and Simple Beam change the target's abilities again
  • 17141 Prevent attacks ignoring the user's own ability
  • 17091 Fix GMax Depletion not dealing damage.
  • 17165 Fix GMax Depletion, Eerie Spell, and Spite not subtracting pp from the target.
  • 17192 Multiple hit moves will now continue to hit the target after breaking Substitute.
  • 17188 Prevent an erroneous battle message claiming sturdy blocked ground attacks.
  • 17185 Prevent abilities and items with switch in effects from activating twice.
  • 17171 Fix Pokemon not switching out from moves after being attacked with Pursuit.
  • 16406 Raid Pokemon won't restore health back to the HP bound when their shields activate.
  • 17172 Force Pokemon to un-dynamax after being knocked out during a raid battle.
  • 17206 Prevent G-Max Stun Shock from trying to paralyze or poison the user.


  • EggHatchEvent has been split into Pre and Post sub events, plugins utilizing this event may need to be updated.
  • TCG's API has been overhauled. This is the start of work to make it extensible for the future (1.16+)

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