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Pitch Perfect

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Pitch Perfect


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Pitch Perfect adds 16 instruments, one for every Note Block type

• Banjo

• Bass Drum

• Bass

• Bit Player

• Chimes

• Cow Bell

• Didgeridoo

• Electric Piano

• Flute

• Glockenspiel

• Guitar

• Harp

• Snare Drum

• Drum Sticks

• Vibraphone

• Xylophone


Right clicking will play a note, the pitch of which is dependent on the angle you're looking; if you're looking straight up, the note will be the highest pitch. If you're looking straight down, it will be the lowest pitch.


As of 1.2.0, there are also three enchantments exclusive to these instruments!

  • Healing Beat - Playing the instrument heals nearby non-monsters by a small amount
  • BWAAAP - Playing the instrument knocks back nearby mobs
  • And His Music Was Electric - While anywhere in your inventory, damage dealt will spread to nearby mobs with diminishing returns