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Update on the future of my mods (sorry) -> https://twitter.com/joshiejack/status/1590487547289178112

TLDR: Can't find time anymore even though I would have loved to have finished my projects

Anyone is free to take over my mods if they so desire


Piscary is the fish adding element of the Harvest Festival collection. It adds a bunch of new fish to catch or to hunt in the wild. You can use Bait with your fishing rods to improve their speed or you can use a Fish Trap to have them be caught for you. While fishing you will catch junk as well which you can put in the Recycler to turn in to more valuable items. If you want more fish but don't feel like putting in the effort you can use the Hatchery to breed more.




See the wiki for more information





Note: Harvest Festival is being split up in to it's separate components. This mod is the fishing element and requires Penguin-Lib. More information about this change and features of this mod can be found on https://harvestfestivalwiki.com/



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